wake me up inside!
wake me up inside!
call my name and save me from the dark!

fun fact: the iconic male voice (paul mccoy) in the song wasn't
supposed to be in the song, but their record label threatened
to not release their album 'fallen' if they didn't use the male
vocalist. it is said that the record label added the male vocalist
so that it could get more radio play and be up-to-par with what was
trending at the time.

the sexist story behind
evanescence’s “bring me to life”.

f*ck you wind-up!
anyways, really recommend listening to the original
version from '02 and the synthesis version. the synthesis version
gives me goosebumps.

without the mask where will you hide,
can't find yourself lost in your lie.

the meaning of this song and the music video is self-explanatory.
unfortunately, the message of this song still applies to this day. i often tie this song
to people like britney spears or social media influencers. i've always had a theory that
most celebs/influencers are actually miserable behind the scenes. that's why
i find it really ignorant when people say stuff like
"you don't have the right to be sad. you have everything you want." or
"how could they kill themselves when they have all of that money?"
when a celeb/influencer sadly takes their own life. money and fame doesn't equal happiness.
anyways, i love this song. a lot.

i apologize for going on a tangent. just had to get that out there. lol.

i'm going under....
drowning in you...

really like this song, too! :-)
i like the parts where she's under water and
when the crowd's faces are warped.