if i were to make an important videos playlist, this would be on it 100%.
really love the live preformances + the peek you get behind the scenes. also,
i would die for all of them. i love them. <3 i could also
quote a bunch of stuff from this if i wanted to. lmao.

P.S. MICK IS MY BITCH!!!!! + super jealous that talena got to be
handcuffed to "that poor boy" aka joey jordison aka #1 aka one of
my (secret) crushes. actually, they're both lovely (to me).
let me shut up on this subject now.

fallon and talena in this vid! <3

i would honestly kill to travel back and time and see
them perform with slipknot. i honestly wouldn't think i would
handle it though because i would be freaking out on the inside.

i think i'd rather
crucify than learn!

the song that got them their big break and introduced
the world to kittie's ferocious roars!

MoRgAn (lead vocals/guitar)
FaLLoN (guitar/live backup vocals)
TaLeNa (bass)
MeRCeDeS (drums)

earlier kittie days. (before tanya left and got replaced by talena.)