"that's where we stand now; the best power groove band in the world."
- phil anselmo, 1990
dimebag darrell - guitar/live backing vocals
rex brown - bass/live backing vocals
phil anselmo - vocals
vinnie paul - drums

this is probably my 2nd favorite band of all time right behind nirvana. this band happens to be from texas (my state),
so that makes things even better! their songs are so heavy and cool, yet they can occasionally mellow down and make
really passionate, slow songs that really move you ("this love" for example). pantera's music is the type of music that can
instantly give you confidence and take you from 0% to 100% in no time! the members of the band were also VERY energetic
on stage and knew how to put on a good show! those are probably the main things that drew me in and made me fall in love with them.
their music is also timeless, in my opinion, and it sitll holds up to this day! those are the main things that drew me in and made
me fall in love with them, as well as phil's heavy vocals, dime's badass guitar shredding, rex's awesome sounding bass (that people sleep on),
and vinnie's amazing drumming!
thank you, pantera, for your amazing music and service to the metal community.

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