March 30th, 2020

currently playing: i'll cast a shadow - pantera

hey guys! just wanted to pop on here and say that i hope y'all are doing well in the wake of this pandemic.
make sure you guys are practacing social distancing and washing your hands for 20 seconds, as well as avoiding
touching you face. :-) also, PLEASE don't be a jerk and buy up all of the toilet paper and paper towels out of panic or for
some time of personal gain, as well as be hard-headed and still go out into large crowds. you could be putting others at risk because of
your stupidity. if anything, try to get water and non-perishable foods, first!!! i know this COVID-19 stuff has been
bashed into our brains for a few weeks now, but hey. just wanna spead the word! that's all i have to say for now, so as always, peace
neocitizens and stay safe! love you all! <3

(for more info, click here!!!)

January 1st, 2020

currently playing: bizarre love triangle - new order

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!! i hope all of you guys are doing well! :-) one of
my goals is to be more active on here and actual get back to making things again. make sure
to stay positive this year and set goals that well benifit you in a positive way, even if some of
them may not work out. my goals are to simply just stay happy and have a healthy mindset! well,
that's pretty much all i have to say. skate fast and stay rad, fellow neocitizens! bye! <3

October 8th, 2019

currently playing: du riechst so gut - rammstein

JESUS EFFIN' CHRIST!!!!! it's been a month since i updated this site. i'm honestly
so sorry for neglecting this site, y'all. )-: this past month has been interesting!
in september, i went to my first concert ever! and it was a metal concert! and it was
FREAKING SLIPKNOT!!!! that made my whole 2019 guys, i'm gonna be honest with you. hearing
people chant "PEOPLE = SHIT!!" is the best thing ever. still thinking on what pages i should make
for this site, though. a bjork shrine? a mayhem shrine? idk. hope you guys have been doing alright, though!
can't think of anything else to say so, um, yeah. peace guys! see you when i see you and, as always, stay rad,
my neocitizen neighbors! <3

August 17th, 2019

currently playing: halcyon on and on - orbital

hi guys! little life update here. i survived my first week back to school! :-)
i thought it was gonna be miserable, but it actually wasn't that bad. i also don't really
stick out like a sore thumb too much, which is good. hopefully, this experience goes well and
i will find people who are like me! too anxious to even attempt to talk to anybody, right now,
though. lol. this is all i wanted to say. love you guys and stay cool, neocitizens! <3

July 22rd, 2019

currently playing: show me love (ya tvoya ne pervaya) by t.A.T.u

(putting both the russian and english version because i like both. lol.)

wassup, dudes! the new slipknot single came out and i can say that i like it! i like it more than 'unsainted',
but not as much as 'all out life'. watch me just listen to the old stuff, anyways. lmao. in other news, my birthday is
tomorrow! i'm kinda excited, but at the same time, it feels weird. idk why, but it just does. probably because time
flew by a lot. heh. part of me wants to rant about slipknot stuff, but i'm gonna hold it in because i know y'all don't
wanna see that mess. anyways, i'm out! peace, neocitizens! love you guys! <3

bonus songs: inteloper (demo) - slipknot | i sit on acid - lords of acid | ministry - filth pig

July 12th, 2019

currently playing: sweat of the bud by static-x

WHAT IS UP, NEOCITIZENS!!! i just ate some breakfast and i don't feel drained and zombie-like
like i usually do in the morning. lol. anyways, if you haven't read the CD/vinyl collection page,
i got a CD player!!! well, more of a radio that also plays CDs and cassette tapes. real happy about
that. :-) i have the radio on the local alt/rock station as i'm typing this out, matter of fact. some CDs
should be coming in, soon, so i'll add those to the page when they get here.
anyways, looking forward to watching more spongebob and doing other stuff, later. love you guys! peace! <3

June 30th, 2019

currently playing: pretty on the inside by hole

(i couldn't decide which one to put lol)

i'm honestly glad that i'm getting back into hole after not really listening to them since
2017. i used to listen to 'live through this' a lot. anyways, i've seen some (nu)metal bands that
are supposed to drop albums this year (slipknot, korn, dope, and static-x(?)) and i'm just sitting here
like, "damn 2019 really said nu-metal and mall goth rights, huh?". i really want there to be a mall goth
revival like they did with grunge. i've seen some signs of it, but idk if it's actually started. on another note,
pride is almost over. at least july is my birth month. anyways, that's all for now, neocitizens! peace! :-) <3

(edit: oMG I FORGOT TO MENTION i got some of my hair dyed red and i'm happy about that! ok, bye for now. lmao)

June 22nd, 2019

currently playing: t.r.i.c by otep

this is gonna be me going on a little tangent, but can we PLEASE bring back 00s bedrooms? it's as if over
the years, people have been going with a more minimalistic style with everything and sucking the fun, creativity
and originality out of things. i'd rather have a room covered in posters, a lava lamp, and an inflatable chair
than some little room with just fairy lights and succulents. in conclusion, minimalism kinda sucks and (teen) bedrooms
were awesome.

June 20th, 2019

currently playing: danger - keep away by slipknot

damn, i love this song and this album. anyways, i've been wondering if i should put update logs here. anyways,
my summer has been anti-climatic, so far. lol. just been inside, mostly. it kinda sucks, but at the same time, i'm
away from the hectic outside world. also, i hope you guys are doing well! self care is important! :-) <3
well, uh, here are some updates:
- made a last.fm account (@berryblisters)
- added my music collection on here
- added a "secret" page. (as of now, i have 2. both are music related. good luck findin' em!)
hope you guys liked that little entry/life update or whatever. bye, neocitizens! =>

June 4th, 2019

currently playing: rx queen - deftones

hello, neocitizens! i'm currently out of school right now, so that means more time to mess with this website!
yay!!!! :-) trying out something new since i figured out how to add youtube videos on to here. anytime i update, i'll
add a song that i'm probably in love with/obsessed with at the moment. anyways, really looking forward to getting out more
this summer! can't think of anything else to put here, so peace! <3

March 23rd, 2019

School's almost over for me and I'm so excited! I hope to do some cool stuff this summer. As I'm writing this entry,
I'm putting songs on my MP3 player. Have some Slipknot, Kittie, and Snake River Conspiracy on there. :-)
Most people at my school didn't know what it was when i showed them it. Lol. It's fun listening to stuff on a CD
player or MP3, in my opinion. Ok, let me put some more stuff on this little thing. Peace!

March 4th, 2019

I honestly had a very crappy week, but hey. At least working on this site and doing other things that I like will help! Anyways,
I'm SO glad to be starting up my little e-journal! Lol. I've been listening to this rock cover of "Milkshake" by Goodnight Nurse from sometime
in 2009 and it's not that bad, to be honest. It's like a guilty pleasure for me. I was also listening to some Type O Negative earlier.
it's super stormy outside, right now. It sucks, but at the same time, it's calming to me. Just rain and storms in general are calming to me when
I'm indoors. Outdoors is a different story.
Ok! Gonna sign off now. This might be a bit abrupt and sudden, but whatever! Peace!

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